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The Sun ( Your ego, confidence, first impressions, and the spotlight) in Taurus
The Moon ( Emotional nature and what you need from a lover, friend or partner) in today click here!
Venus ( The planet of LOVE, money, partnerships, art, music, physical beauty) in Gemini
Mercury ( The planet of the internet, communications, thought, speech and self-expression) in Gemini
Mars ( Planet of Sexuality, motivation, aggression, our physical impsions of one another, Passion, desire, fire, chemistry, and war) in Scorpio
Jupiter (Expansion, world views, spirituality and your luck potential) in Cspricorn
Saturn ( The passage of time, tests of maturity, lessons, and karma) in Aquarius 
Uranus ( Surprises, the Unexpected, lightning strikes and shocks to the system )  in Taurus. 
Pluto (Tearing down in order to rebuild, slow but powerful transformations) in Capricorn 
Neptune (What happens behind closed doors, secrets, deception, and intoxicating substances, alcohol,& drugs) in Pisces

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