Aquarius Yearly Forecast for 2011

Aquarius in 2011
Pluto - Transformation, beginnings/endings. The dark side, sex, birth and rebirth
Uranus - Science, Surprises/The unexpected and sudden  
Neptune - Illusions, boundaries and things we can't see clearly
Jupiter - Luck, success and expansion
Saturn- Laws of the universe, discipline and responsibility
Mercury - Intellect, travel and logic
Moon- Emotions and emotional nature
Aquarius - Your sun sign.
Uranus - Your planetary ruler
What Uranus represents: Uranus represents science, change, surprises, revolution and things that come up unexpectedly and suddenly out of nowhere.  You could be intrigued with technology, religion, science and all areas of spiritual growth throughout your life. You could find that these areas appeal strongly to you and you might build a career with your fascination and tremendous knowledge in one of these areas, Aquarius. Realize that you hold power to change people's opinions, Aquarius. Yes, you are the teacher, the leader, the authority and the future. You are an original and you are innovative when it comes to anything with a dash of originality.

This year let's take a peek into your life and what to expect:

Pluto (Change) has been, Capricorn, Your 12th House of secrets, seclusion and self undoing since 2008 and where it remains this year. The 12th House rules what secrets you hide from others and what you give to others unconditionally, Aquarius. Pluto combined with your 12th House indicates facing your shadow side, coming to terms with who you are and being comfortable with yourself. It also represents what you must confront, like it or not. These changes might not seem apparent due to the length of time Pluto remains in your 12th House.  However, you probably have already begun to see its effects over the past two years since the emergence of Pluto in your 12th House. Pluto brings change and transformation wherever it goes and in your 12th House is where this planet asks you to restructure your life. It encourages you to seek new and improved methods of dealing with things in order to make your life more harmonious and efficient.. The one thing you will definitely notice about this Pluto transit is that it will change the ways you relate to other people and teach you to be more in touch your own feelings and find personal happiness. You could investigate such things as self help books, doctor's manuals, and psychology. This exploration could enlighten you and put you more in touch with your inner self. You will find your most spiritual place and experience a sense of contentment. Conversely you may have a sense of wanting to escape (Since the 12th House rules escapism in every form). So much energy swirling in your 12th House can create opposing forces, Aquarius. So use these energies wisely and exercise, listen to music, find a peaceful place you can retreat to and if you find yourself thinking that you have failed or let another down realize that these feeling will pass.  Do the best you can and avoid any tendency to be overly hard on yourself. Being an Air sign can cause you to over think and over analyze your actions, words and responsibilities. Don't let other people tell you there is anything wrong with you. If you need space, demand it. This is a year for growth and rising to the occasion. If you haven't seen it yet, you will most definitely be seeing within the next year or so. The signs of Aries, Virgo, Libra and Leo can help you learn more about all 12th House issues throughout the next 15 years. You will find these signs play a prominent role whenever Pluto transits your 12th House.

Uranus (Surprises) your ruler, enters Aries and (your 3rd House Communication and short trips) on 3/11 where it will remain until 7/9 when it retrogrades back into Pisces, then officially turns direct in Taurus on October 10th, 2011 in your (4th House of Home and family). So make sure you pay attention to your relatives, the way you communicate with those closest to you and your money during this transit. Be prepared for surprises and breakthroughs. Uranus will ask you big questions during this transit so make sure you remain on top of all finances, the way you relate to others, your siblings, and any short trips you take during this time, Aquarius. Wherever you felt unable to progress, Uranus comes to restructure that area of your life and will provide motivation. When Uranus enters your 3rd House of communications, you can expect major changes. For example, you terminate one relationship abruptly to begin a new one or your relationship with a sibling or family member could undergo major changes. Be ready for some confusion and surprises when it comes to your family and money in 2011, Aquarius.

Neptune (Secrets) has been in your sign Aquarius since 1998. This year it enters Pisces and (your 2nd House of money and finances) where it will remain until 2026. Since Neptune represents what is hidden you could find yourself not getting the entire picture when it comes to your finances. Realize that you are not seeing things as they are but how you ideally want to see them, Aquarius. You are naturally acquisitive by nature so this shouldn't be too taxing on you as you tend to keep track and on top of your finances.  You may also find during this time that the areas ruled by your 2nd House of money will appear to be unclear or have a sense of secrecy about them. You might not be able to see the changes taking place but you WILL find out all about them. Since Neptune is all about what we can't see clearly, you could find changes, denial and secrets when it comes to your cash flow. What you learn will be profound and will change the way you view money considerably during this long stay in your 2nd House. Expect the areas of how you earn and spend your money, your attitudes about money, your possessions and how you feel about them to be highlighted. How you feel about your self-worth as it relates to money will also be a theme of 2011. Bottom Line: The way you handle your finances is up for some changes. You could earn more but you could feel that you're not earning enough. The way you view yourself in relation to money and how you make it and spend it will be subjected to some secrets. Thie source of this could be a family member or someone close who might not be giving you all the information you need. Stay alert, Aquarius. 

Saturn (Lessons) is in your 9th House of travel and people from foreign places during 2011.  This serious planet should be given respect. Your 9th House represents foreign countries, foreign travel, your worldviews, higher education, people from foreign places and travel. Saturn will teach you to get in touch with these areas and gain through experiences. Valuable lessons will be learned where needed in order to resolve long standing conflicts you may have had with others. Solutions to issues in these areas will become clear to you.  Remember that having Saturn in your 9th House can be put to best use for you if you know how to use its energies wisely. You will notice under a Saturn transit that your established way of doing things does not seem to bring success. You will need to work and build a better structure for your life when it comes to all 9th House matters. Saturn also demands that you be self-reliant. This planet wants you to be independent and self sufficient and you will be rewarded if you follow Saturn's request. During any Saturn visit you may experience a feeling of miscommunication. Those houses Saturn touches will teach you lessons you thought you might have already learned already. Knowledge is power, Aquarius

Jupiter (Luck) enters Aries this year, your 3rd House of Communications. You could be offered the opportunity of a lifetime during this prosperous and expansive transit as it is compatible with your natal sun sign, Aquarius. You could change your career, take on new responsibilities in your existing job or be offered a new position which may be a complete contrast to anything you have done in the past.  Whenever Jupiter enters your 3rd House you can expect good fortune and progress in your career and your daily rountines.Then on June 4th Jupiter enters Taurus and your 4th House of Home and family. You will  have your fair share of opportunities to work in a way that suits you and your special talents.  Your relationships with siblings, short distance travel and relocation to a new city may be enhanced under this lucky transit. Some areas to be affected also include unexpected popularity, increased ways to showcase your knowledge on a particular subject, or increased intuition. It's time for luck in these areas and it is entirely possible that  you could encounter the love of your life through a family member or sibling during this time, Aquarius.

A profile on Aquarius

Positive traits: friendly, humanitarian, honest, loyal, original, inventive, independent and intellectual
Negative traits: contrary, perverse, unpredictable, unemotional (at times) and detached
Aquarians tend to be entrancing, exciting and unpredictable and yet somehow strangely detached from their surroundings. They are one of the Zodiac's most eccentric personalities. They are seekers of the new, unusual, and challenging which leads them in multiple directions. Aquarians may try many things but without stability they may master none. Aquarians are philanthropic and humanitarian by nature. They see their calling as making the world a better place for all of us. Adventurous Aquarians are not averse to risk taking. Their optimism and positive outlook combined with idealism and the need to break new ground can lead them into quite unfamiliar territory--not that this bothers them, for they are willing to follow any new lead to its conclusion. Aquarians are the bearers of originality, idealism and cosmic consciousness with which they intend to eliminate materialism, tedium and injustice. Although Aquarians are compassionate and sympathetic to the needs of others, they do like things to go their way and they can become tempermental if they don't get their way. To the Aquarian the freedom to roam and explore is all important. They hate to be tied down. These iconoclastic visionaries' style often reflects social trends that will become the standard far in our future. They will be most attracted to the signs of Aries, Capricorn, other Aquarians and Pisces in 2011. It's time for a new start in your love life. If you are in an exisiting reltionship, this is a great year to add structure to your relationship to make sure your love is not feeling neglected.  
The Aquarius In Love in 2011:
One of Aquarius deepest needs is for a satisfying, complementary relationship, which gives them freedom and tolerance along with mental and physical stimulation. With the right person they will be a passionate, uninhibited and understanding lover intent on maintaining their bond for life. Receptivity will calm Aquarius rebellious tendencies. Unlike many, Aquarius rarely feels any pangs of jealousy.Their sex-drive is not unduly strong, but their need to explore and be stimulated sometimes gives others the impression their desires are unconquerable and unrealistic. They are very playful and attentive lovers and will put a great deal of energy into satisfying their partners. Aquarius is always ready, willing and open to all forms of experimentation (in the pursuit of new knowledge) and the fields of sexuality and relationships are no exception. Even though deep down they seek security, their love of originality and exploring unusual new fields or new endeavors gives them an attraction to partners with interesting, unconventional minds and bodies.

Aquarius Luck in 2011

Lucky Numbers in 2011: 1, 2 & 7
Lucky colors: Navy blue and Purple
Lucky month in 2011:  July
Lucky stone in 2011: Amethyst

Deepest secret:  You fear not having enough. You fear that you spend money too freely. And the more you fear in this area, the more you spend. You fear growing old without living a tasteful and elegant lifestyle. You also fear more than you reveal to others. You fear time will pass you by and that you are always taking on more than you can realistically handle.
Written & Edited By: Elizabeth Ellis
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