Virgo Yearly Forecast in 2011

Virgo in 2011
Pluto - Transformation, beginnings/endings. The dark side, sex, birth and rebirth
Uranus - Science, Surprises/The unexpected and sudden  
Neptune - Illusions, boundaries and things we can't see clearly
Jupiter - Luck, success and expansion
Saturn- Laws of the universe, discipline and responsibility
Mercury - Intellect, travel and logic
Moon- Emotions and emotional nature
Virgo - Your sun sign
Mercury - Your planetary ruler
What Mercury represents:   
You are naturally blessed with the ability to excel in anything related to communications, intellectual endeavors, travel, wit and mental agility. You will notice you possess these qualities and they will be considered lucky areas for you in 2011. You will have extraordinary luck with commitments, love relationships and contracts, both business and personal. Virgo is naturally a disciplined sign and this trait will be apparent more than ever this coming year. Expect to finally see the improvements you have been longing for since Saturn left your sign last year.
This year let's take a peek into your life and what to expect:

Pluto (Change) has been in the sign of Capricorn, Your 5th House of Love affairs and fun/creativity since 2008 and remains there until 2024. Pluto rules other people's money, taxes, insurance, sex, deeply committed relationships, rebirth, birth, transformation and all matters considered X rated or taboo. 
The 5th House is all about love affairs, what you do for fun and pleasure, creativity, children, speculation and games of chance. Your relationships in these particular areas will undergo dramatic changes and transformation as you meet new and exciting people and change the way you view these areas of your life, Virgo. Unusual people, possibly artists or very eccentric people will enter your life and compete with existing friends and lovers.  Some jealousy may occur but you will enjoy these new connections so much that you will try to pacify all. Expect many changes when it comes to your closest relationships and also to your marriage if you are married or partnered with someone. There will be some unexpected, exciting beginnings and some surprising offers when it comes to love, creativity, children and your hobbies or recreational choices, Virgo. Pluto combined with your 5th house indicates major transformations in your approach to all 5th House matters. These changes might not seem apparent because Pluto has lengthy visits and it may take some time to see clearly the enormous and life changing impact of this powerful planet.  Once Pluto leaves your 5th House in 2024 however, the influence which it has had on your life will be noted and appreciated.  Look forward to this metamorphosis.
Uranus  (Surprises)  enters Aries and (your 8th House of Sex and Power ) on 3/11 where it will remain until 7/9 when it retrogrades back into your opposite  sign of Pisces, then officially turns direct on October 10th, 2011 (in your 8th House). Be prepared for surprises in these areas.  If you are not taking good care of yourself, how could you possibly take care of others? Uranus will ask you these questions during this transit so make sure you remain on top of all 8th House affairs, Virgo. Wherever you have been stuck in a rut, Uranus comes to restructure that area of your life and brings movement, excitement and in some cases irritability. When Uranus enters your 8th House of power and transformation, you can always expect shakeups. For example, increases or decreases in income or that of a partner could occur. New current subjects could pique your interest, possibly in areas such as religion, spirituality, or subjects previously considered taboo. You will feel a strong need to look into these areas and educate yourself and apply what you learn to your current life.  The 8th House is a power house where you can change your life overnight if you desire. Areas such as birth, transformation, sex, power, deeply committed relationships and money you share with others, taxes, insurance, inheritances and life changing events will rock your world in 2011, Virgo.

Neptune (Secrets) has been in Aquarius since 1998. This year it enters Pisces and your 7th House of marriage and love.  You might find that your views on marriage, commitment and love change during this time. You may completely restructure your love life as a result of this change. Neptune will remain in Pisces, its natural ruler, until 2026 so you can expect the issues of marriage, contracts, close friends, significant others, business relationships and your most meaningful relationships  to be magnified in your life this year. Realize that with Neptune you might not be able to see things in their proper perspective. You will notice that despite this, your gut feelings and intuitive nature deepens considerably and you will be able to make the right choices for yourself without any hesitation. Neptune in Pisces will help you see through to the truth in some situations you have been questioning.  During this long and lengthy transit Neptune will change what isn't working and slowly replace it with what is. You must do some of the work too, Virgo.  It doesn't just magically happen. Get to work! Those born under the signs Virgo and Pisces will figure into your life where these 7th House matters are concerned. Topics could come to your attention in secret and unexpected ways.  Caution,Virgo: Since Neptune reveals what is hidden, you could jump to conclusions without having the right information.  Make sure you have the entire story in any of these areas before you act out of haste. If you find something out unexpectedly, don't act hastily and be sorry afterwards.

Saturn (Lessons) is in your 2nd House of money and possessions in 2011. This can strengthen your financial situation or equally weaken it. It's all about using your natural abilities to work with this planet and get the remunerations you have been working for. Saturn is a serious planet and should be given the respect it deserves. In your 2nd House of money and possessions you might find delays or encounter some restrictions in your financial life from time to time. You find these restrictions unpleasant but realize that Saturn always requires the most of you and that in the end you are rewarded for this extra effort. When you put Saturn in the sign of love and relationships (Libra) (Your 2nd House of money and possessions) you will notice the need to identify structures that do not work and replace them with those that do.  You might experience some delays or feel restricted with how you earn a living this year, Virgo. At the same time however, you could find an ideal job that suits you and brings in more money than you have had. There are a number of ways this can manifest but you will learn how to get a grip on your financial situation.  Any relationships you begin during this transit are likely to be serious and could lead to commitments. Make sure you learn to save some money or at least to get your financial affairs in order. Saturn rewards those who have worked hard and avoided taking any shortcuts. So, if you have been working hard, expect to be spoiled rotten by Saturn. However, if you have been lazy and irresponsible with your cash, then you can expect to encounter some concerns. Realize that you benefit financially through any partnership in which you are involved, Virgo. Stay responsible (not hard for such a hard working sign), be methodical and start building a solid structure and foundation so that you don't panic when your cash flow slows.  There is light at the end of this financial tunnel, Virgo. 
Jupiter (Luck) enters Aries this year and your 8th House of power and sex. Then it enters Taurus and your 9th house of Travel during June 6/11 until next year 6/12. Whenever Jupiter enters your 8th house you can expect to have several opportunities with regards to sex, birth, transformation and deeply committed relationships. When it enters your 9th house in the summer, you can expect to receive many offers and luck through publishing and educational opportunities. Your greatest qualities emerge as this Taurus transit is compatible with your Sun placement. You will notice your sex appeal heightens and that you feel stronger physically and you will be able to get your deepest wishes fulfilled. Summer is your time to shine, Virgo. Use it or lose it!

Positive traits: modest, shy, studious, reliable, practical, diligent, intelligent and analytical
Negative traits: fussy, critical, harsh, perfectionist and overly conservative
Instinctively responsive to the needs of others, Virgos readily adapt to different people and changing circumstances by finding ways to make themselves useful. They do not have a strong desire to be in the spotlight. However, they can be very successful at promoting those who are.
Virgos are meticulous and practical perfectionists. They despise sloppiness and disorganization. They are sometimes seen as being ultra picky. However, when you want a job done correctly, seek out a Virgo to get it done.

Virgos have an inner drive to serve others, which must be achieved in order for them to be happy. They love to apply their analytical skills to solving the problems of others closest to them. They are generally perceived to be quite witty and entertaining, but sometimes can be perceived as overly critical. Because Virgos are worriers, they are prone to hypochondria. Virgos love material possessions and find it hard to accept anything that is not of the very best quality available.  
The Virgo In Love 2011:
Virgo is particular, practical and realistic rather than romantic. Oddly though,Virgos are skilled lovers in the art of lovemaking. Once passion is properly ignited, love and lust can lead to an explosion. They are fastidious and picky regarding the personal habits of others, which can be a big turn-off for a potential mate and prevent Virgo from achieving a satisfying relationship or even participating at all in matters of love and seriously committed involvements.
They can be unwilling to discuss their deepest feelings with anyone unless it's a safe and trusted friend or lover. Anyone who desires to get to know Virgo deeply needs to be prepared to persevere, in which case they will find a lifelong friend and ally or lover in Virgo. Once Virgos have committed themselves to a lover, anyone showing interest in their lover is likely to spark a bout of jealousy. Overall, Virgos are devoted and readily willing to serve their mates. In 2011, the signs of Aries, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces will play important roles in the love life of Virgo. Expect the summer to be a time of serious commitments for you in both business and personal relationships.  
Virgo Luck in 2011
Your lucky color: Ocean Blue
Your lucky month in 2011:  March
Your lucky stone in 2011: Sapphire
Lucky Numbers in 2011: 5, 7 & 9

Virgo Secrets
You have a stronger than normal need to be adored, admired and wanted. You would like your own personal fan club, if possible. You also have deep worries and concern about children. There could be a secret connected to children that is either yours or someone close to you regarding children or the lack of children. These areas could hold deep secrets that you have carried around for years and thought about secretly. Why not use this year to drop your shadow side and let your fears and worries out?  You could be surprised to find that people are more understanding than you believe, Virgo.  


Written & Edited By: Elizabeth Ellis
Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved!