Aries Yearly Forecast 2012


Expect the unexpected throughout 2012, Aries. You are entering a powerful time in your life where new people, foreign places and twists and turn occur at every corner. You love a challenge, so get ready and get set, Aries. Venus will travel through your sign 2/8 - 5/7. This should be an expansive time in your love life as it seems you can do no wrong. You will notice an increase of popularity during this time, so make the most of your love life and your creativity. You will see for yourself the desired results, Aries. You love to be the leader and 2012 will be a year of fast paced events with a strong commitment to your career. With the planet that rules Aquarius entering your sign and your 1st House, expect some of the following events to unfold over the next couple of years. During this transit, one relationship could end with a new more promising romance entering your life quite unexpectedly. Another possibility? You could re-locate to a new environment in a new city or a foreign country and much to your own surprise, life as you know it will change this year and throughout the next 7 years as well. 2012 is an important year as it opens with all planets "moving stationary" which basically means they are performing at their maximum capacities. The big news in 2012 involve Uranus and Neptune. These two planets enter new signs and change the world we all live in. The three outer planets of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune also influence you, depending on where these planets fall in your own chart. If you have a copy of your chart, look to see where you will be experiencing the most changes. Uranus is a planet that takes us by complete surprise. Neptune is the planet where we become unable to see things clearly and might tend to be overly optimistic in the areas where Neptune falls. This year, Uranus enters your 1st House and Neptune enters your 12th House of secrets, self-undoing and self-imposed isolation. Neptune stays in a sign for 7 years, so expect the unexpected and get ready to change the way you look at the world. You could be slowly but surely changing your worldviews, and areas like psychology, yoga and meditation would be excellent areas to pursue now. The 12th House is where you hide from the world or where you get in touch with the part of you that no one else sees and knows about except you, Aries. Writing, any forms of self expression and letting go of anything holding you back would be great ideas when it comes to Neptune this year.

Jupiter (Luck) was in your sign in early 2011. Look back to that time and see the expansion it created for you, personally and professionally. As this year begins, Jupiter is in your 2nd House of finance. This brings expansion in the areas of your values, your pocketbook and your life in general. Jupiter will begin the year in Taurus, entering Gemini in June. You will begin to see the opportunities this planet has bestowed upon you if you look back and think about it, Aries.

Saturn (Cosmic cop) has been in your 7th House of marriage, serious work commitments, legalities, divorce and open enemies since 2009. Remember, Saturn is good to those who have put forth the time, effort and dedication and rewards those who have worked to their maximum capacities. You might have experienced issues with higher ups during this time or felt stymied by restrictions in your career. Once Saturn enters Scorpio and your 8th House in October, any areas in which you had difficulties will prove to be a thing of the past and you learn that resistance is never a good idea. Saturn in your 8th House could bring about a change in your income or that of a close partner. Remember to go with the flow, don't resist change and work harder if you sense that is what is being asked of you. Saturn in Scorpio won't be in opposition to your Sun sign once it moves into Scorpio, so think big and continue to keep that contagious optimism you naturally possess, as it will serve you well throughout the year, Aries. The areas of sex, death and taxes will be thoroughly examined during this transit in some way. Uranus and Pluto will challenge you to rid yourself of past behavior that hasn't worked for you previously regarding communication, especially with relatives and siblings. Making changes has been diffifult for you but during this transit and in 2012 changes will become much easier for you to make, Aries.

Mars, your ruling planet, begins the year in Virgo and your 6th House of work and daily routines. Don't panic when this planet turns retrograde on 1/24. It might seem as though you were making progress and suddenly progress comes to a screeching halt. The idea of this transit is to help you review and revise these areas in order to shape things more to your liking, Aries. Good news is that you have Jupiter in Taurus in your 2nd House of money so this shouldn't be too stressful a time for Aries. Just make certain that you keep on top of all financial affairs. This includes taxes, insurance, mortgages and money you may share with another. It will be crucial to be extremely watchful in these areas as they might seem confusing or overwhelming. Just stick with it, Aries!

The signs of Taurus and Libra will play important roles in your life this year, Aries.