Libra Yearly Forecast for 2012

There is excellent news for you in 2012, in fact it will seem like your own PERSONAL year, Libra. Saturn (Restrictions/lessons) will finally exit your 1st House where it has been since summer of 2009. This should NOT be interpreted as a fear or trepidation as Saturn has made you question your life inside out. During the remaining months of 2012, you will be more accustomed to its energies. Remember, this is a BIG transit as it occurs every 28 years in your sign. That is why it is called the Return of Saturn. You also have the sign of transformation, endings and new beginnings in your 4th House of home and family. The harder you work and the more you attempt to achieve, the greater the reward. You will have to stretch yourself to meet the demands that this planet has brought into your life.

You could be dealing with your parents, aging, the health and personal wellness of one or both of your parents during this time. Additionally, with Pluto in your 4th House, you could find endings in your home life, transformations (physical) or a completely new home life. There could be one or more issues that continue to weigh on you heavily but you're a Libra, and you tend to deal with stressful situations with calmness, charm and assurance. You possess the qualities and knowledge of an attorney or may actually be a lawyer. Yes, Libra, you can see both sides of any situation. In 2012, the areas of home, parents, relatives and how hard you work will top the agenda. The past and whatever you have been focusing your time and energy on will be areas that thrive in 2012. Where you have been lazy, indulgent or taken the easy way out, expect the unexpected, Libra.
Let's focus on the lighter side. Being an air sign makes you more mental and able to really see the big picture via your ideas and mind. Your ruling planet, Venus, planet of love and attraction) will begin the year in Aquarius and your 5th House of risk taking, children and physical attractions. These areas will be fortunate for you, especially if you have been putting forth the required work and obligations needed to keep your home life functioning properly. It's a year of getting organized, seeing projects through to their completion and creating a SOLID structure for your finances. Even if you're coupled, make yourself indispensable in the eyes of others by being self-sufficient, even if you don't need to. We are living in different times and it will become glaringly apparent to you in 2012 that being financially independent is not only important to you but its extremely important to your partner as well. After Saturn exits your sign in October - you will be relieved.
You learn about love as soon as the year opens with Jupiter in Taurus. Since Taurus is your 8th House, issues such as taxes, insurance and mortgages will be lucky areas for you Libra. You could also notice a raise in your partner's income. Sex, deeply commit relationships and power are other areas to maximize. You will have an air of mystery surrounding you but no one except you will have a clue as to what is going on in that fascinating mind of yours, Libra. Your own insights will make sense and you will see truth in your most intimate relationships that had previously been unclear. However this manifests, realize the first six months will be filled with clarity and the need to take charge of your life. This year, relationships will change, single or coupled, for better or for worse. You live for love, and could change your entire future this year through events that force you to view your life from an honest internal assessment and perspective. You will know what to do once Jupiter enters Gemini on 6/12. You will know inherently where to go, who to rid yourself of and which direction is best for you and your family.
Overall, 2012 will be a year focused on communication in all areas of your life. You will be presented with opportunities to change or go in a new direction both in your professional and personal relationships. You can and will receive advice and suggestions from all sides but ultimately it IS up to you, Libra. Take charge and with your innate sense of balance and equanimity you will find that you made the right decisions. By the end of 2012, looking back you will see that the paths you chose to follow were, in fact, absolutely the right ones, and by the end of the year you feel a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius play surprising roles this year. Keep the lines of communication wide open with these friends, family members and associates throughout 2012 for best results, Libra.