Sagittarius Yearly Forecast for 2012


2012 is going to be a BIG year for Sagittarius. Your life will change drastically as you prepare for the new and rid yourself of the old. Serious relationships are formed while others leave your life. Love could take you by complete surprise and your love life will feel crazy one minute, sexy the next and cool the next. 2012 is an important year for everyone, so let's begin with your ruler, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, prosperity and luck. In 2012, Jupiter will transit 2 signs. As the year opens, it will be in Taurus and then on 6/11, it will enter Gemini and your 7th House. Expect an element of luck to enter your daily routines and when Jupiter enters Gemini for an entire year your life as you know it will change dramatically. Good fortune awaits your love life, single or coupled. There is also going to be an eclipse in your sign on 6/4 so June is a HUGE month for marriage, money, serious commitments and your signature may be needed on contracts, Sagittarius.

Start to get excited about the possibilities this can bring to your already fast paced life that becomes even more fast paced. You need a breather in February as you might feel you have other basic obligations that must be met before any new projects can be finished. The way you view your life is changing slowly but surely and those employed Sagittarius could find themselves bringing in more cash. Your finances are due to undergo some type of transformation this year, for better or for worse, depending on your past actions. This is a year of independence, assertion and assuming the role of the leader that you are. You could also change you career direction this year. Persistence in work will pay off, although it may seem to be at a snails pace. Saturn will enter your 12th House in October and you will find that any secrets you may have will come to light. This could involve a job or relationship on the side or perhaps an addiction to a drink, person or a game. You will no longer be able to hide the fact that certain truths must be faced. The sooner you begin to realize this is the sooner your life will keep you happy, fulfilled and grounded. Follow those career impulses you feel. If you believe in a startup company, go with what you feel is the best route for you, especially NOW and if you completely commit to it, you will meet with success. Follow your intuition, Sagittarius.

This is a year to really assert your independence in all areas. You have excellent foresight into a new way of working and change may come quickly. You can overcome anything, so keep that Sagittarius optimism going and your employers and associates will adore you.

Saturn (Restrictions/resistance) has been transiting your 11th House of friendships since 2008. It will become imperative that you reach out to all friends, any groups to which you belong and focus more on YOUR hopes and wishes, Sagittarius. Yes, you are everyone's friend but don't let someone else try to make you appear foolish either. Enabling is somewhat second nature to you, so be watchful and don't let those impulses overcome your OWN plan.

The big news is that Neptune enters Pisces in February and this forms a challenging angle to your home and family life. You might not be seeing things as they really are but as how you wish them to be. This is a long transit, so make sure you and all members of your family keep the communication lines open. No subject should be off limits. An honesty prevails attitude (transparency) will help you navigate the fog of Neptune in your 4th House. Something or someone you live with will change, transform or end abruptly. These relationships must be dealt with patiently and in a balanced manner.

Uranus the planet of totally unexpected out of the blue events entered Aries last year and this forms a harmonious angle to your Sun sign, so while this planet may be giving others a pain, YOU most likely will adore the surprises that come into view as Aries is your 9th House of worldviews, exotic travel and people from distant cities and overseas. Expect the unexpected in almost any area in your life and you won't be blindsided!

The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces will play key roles and can surprise you throughout 2012 and another Sagittarius will remain your close confidante throughout the year.