Taurus Yearly Forecast


This is your year for public recognition and acclaim with a strong emphasis on love relationships. Jupiter (planet of expansion and prosperity) remains in your 1st House until 6/12/12. During this transit, there is no stopping you, Taurus! You get results without much effort. You will be admired and adored and 2012 could turn out to be one of your best years. Whenever Jupiter enters your life, you can expect to see areas previously stalled suddenly gaining momentum and opening you up to new people, new places and bringing luck and expansion into areas where you have put the most focus. The only downside of this transit is a tendency to put on weight, so don't say you weren't warned! Since Jupiter expands everything, this planet could bring out your indulgent side so make sure to watch your health and wellness very carefully throughout the first six months of 2012, Taurus. Anything is possible under a Jupiter transit so don't be surprised to see some major life changes this year, definitely for the best! This is great news, Taurus. Even better, once Jupiter enters Gemini in the summer, you should really begin to notice a shift in your income.

Gemini rules your 2nd House of finance, and since Jupiter expands everything it touches, you should be feeling in control of your finances and in a much more secure place than you felt in 2011. 2012 will prove to be a year of greater awareness via your spiritual views and you experience a surge of popularity and an increase of income. Single Taurus will find that they have more than one opportunity when it comes to love, while coupled Taurus will insist on making a greater commitment to his or her partner. This will be especially apparent in the second half of 2012.

Mars (Action) will be in Virgo as the year opens and this is a compatible placement for you. Since Virgo is an earth sign, you will be endowed with more than enough stamina in your dealings with romantic partners, children, taking risks and creativity. Go after what you desire. Virgo rules your 5th House and you will notice the ambition and drive you inherently have when it comes to these areas. The signs of Virgo and Pisces will play important roles in your life throughout 2012, Taurus. Once Mars enters Leo in late January, you should have the motivation, ambition and drive to accomplish your goals and do it with finesse, grace and determination.

Neptune enters Pisces on 2/3. Pisces rules your 10th House of prestige, honors and awards. This should be a favorable time for you as you begin to blend your professional hopes with your worldviews which will be quite different in a year. Neptune is a powerful planet and whenever any of the outer planets change signs (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) it is considered a big deal. In 2012, we have 2 planets entering new signs, Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces. Uranus in Aries will impact your 12th House of untapped creativity. Prepare for some unexpected surprises in areas such as your personal subconscious, your untapped creativity and anything having to do with hospitals, self imposed isolation and learning to go with the flow. This is a 7 year affair so get used to having the planet of unexpected surprises in your 12th House.

Pluto (transformation/power) remains in Capricorn and your 9th House of spirituality, higher learning, publishing and religion. This transit is certain to change the way you view travel, foreign countries, foreign people and foreign places. It is also entirely possible that you find a spiritual path that really suits you during this time. Travel will also be highlighted, perhaps overseas! There could be a radical change in your lifestyle via these areas in 2012, Taurus. Get excited!

Saturn (Cosmic Cop) will begin the year in Libra where it transits your 6th House of daily routines, work and your health and wellness. Saturn will create some hassles in these areas, especially around Feb 7th, when it retrogrades until 6/25, but fear not, as these delays will be temporary and give you time to figure out what it is you want to do with your life, personally and professionally. In October, Saturn will officially enter the sign of Scorpio and your 7th House of marriage, serious business relationships, contracts, divorce and open enemies. During Saturn's transit of Scorpio, you will figure out who, what and where you want to be.

You could experience delays or what feels like slow movement in your relationship or in a serious business commitment. The 7th House areas seem like they are slowing down but the idea here is that you will know who you're really dealing with, and you get the real picture and personality of the person you love deeply. Saturn wants you to prove your worth to groups, to a love interest, to your associates and to focus on balance in these VIP relationships.

You end 2012 on a happy and content note.