Pisces 2013 Yearly Forecast/Horoscope

As 2013 opens/begins, the Sun transits your 11th House of friendships, group involvements and your hopes and wishes. The 11th House also rules ex loves, so you could find January to be a time when these areas will hold a strong allure and you could possess a determined focus on these areas.

Pluto (Transformation/slow but powerful change) has been in your 11th House of friends and your hopes/wishes since 2008. By now, most Pisces have adjusted to this small but powerful planet in their 11th House of friendships. Pluto demands that these areas transform on some level so that something better can ultimately replace them. This transit creates headaches and heartaches, but one thing remains certain. You will find that  parts of your life need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Those Pisces who resist changes thrust upon them suddenly will need to get used to unexpected and unforeseen changes in their friendships. On the flip side, you could meet some interesting new friends or get closer with friends from childhood. Bottom line: Your friendships are due to slowly but surely change and transform on some level. Your hopes and wishes might need to be or WILL be re-examined. The purpose of Pluto is to tear down in order to rebuild. Pisces tends to be loyal but changeable and during this time you will find who your true friends are. Your approach to friendships WILL change.

Neptune (What is hidden) transits Pisces, your 1st House, and is at its most powerful and effective when in its natural ruler. Neptune represents many areas in Astrology. It rules fiction and what is hidden or unclear. Spirituality can present areas which we cannot see clearly or may seem to be hidden. The positive side of this transit is that it bestows great talent in artistic endeavors. However, you might not be seeing certain areas of your life clearly, Pisces. Listen to the advice you receive from people who have a long history with you when dealing with new people, situations and places throughout 2013. You possess the foresight but you could be so busy with daily work and distractions that you might not see one area of your life for what it is. You have a tendency to see it the way you want or hope for it to be. You tend to go through your life primarily based on your intuitive hunches.  In 2013 its time to put practical thinking and common sense to good use. If it sounds too good to be true, (whatever it is), it most likely is. Avoid deception in your professional life and if single, make certain you take your time when getting to know newcomers whether they may be single or coupled. Listen to the advice you receive from an Aries or a Libra for interesting insight. These signs will assist you in more ways than you can imagine when it comes to your professional and personal life, Pisces.

You could develop musical talents or be strongly drawn to music during this transit as well, Pisces. Your creative talents emerge and you dazzle others with your imagination, ideas and creative abilities. There will be a silver lining once Jupiter enters Cancer in Summer. Single Pisces will have many options in love this year, while couples make some serious adjustments to keep their love alive. Those Pisces in love will enjoy the intensity of Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. These planets are both in compatible water signs and this makes Pisces feel more at ease when dealing with both public and private matters.

Uranus (Surprises) continues its transit of your 2nd House of finances, investments and personal possessions, Pisces. This transit brings about surprises and some shock in regard to these areas in 2013. The last thing you suspected or what you never saw coming occurs and involves money, income and your property.

Saturn (Lessons/Structures) continues its transit of your 9th House of overseas travel, spirituality, worldviews, publishing and higher education. These are areas that are everyday and may seem ordinary but will become of paramount concern to you in 2013. Saturn in Scorpio will also ask you if you have learned lessons that you need to learn when it comes to these areas of your life, Pisces. How you have behaved in the past with regards to these areas will come full circle. Those Pisces who have built solid foundations and solid structures and exercised maturity, hard work and patience in these areas will gain the greatest rewards. Saturn is not to be feared. It is the friend who tells you what you need to hear, not what you hope or want to hear. If you have been careless or taken any shortcuts, expect to learn some valuable lessons regarding the aforementioned areas. If you have been diligent and conscientious, expect to reap great benefits via these areas, Pisces.

Jupiter (Prosperity/Expansion) begins the year retrograde in Gemini and your 4th House of home, family members and the past and remains until January 30th. Then it resumes direct motion until June 25th. Expect movement, optimism, expansion and the most growth in these areas, Pisces. On June 25th, Jupiter enters your 5th House of love, children, creative ventures and romance, Pisces. With Jupiter in your 5th House, love relationships heat up and continue to the next level. You can find great fulfillment and see the most progress in this area of your life for the second part of 2013, Pisces. Get excited as your love life can surprise even you!

Your best time for love is whenever Venus travels in Pisces or a compatible water element. The following is a list of your best times for love in 2013, Pisces.

2/25 - 3/21 Venus in Pisces

6/2 - 6/27 Venus in Cancer

9/11 - 10/7 Venus in Scorpio

It's a year when you practice out with the old and bring in the new. Pisces can expect 2013 to be a year like no other. There could be some unexpected endings followed by some expansive new beginnings.

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