Cancer Yearly Forecast for 2011

Cancer in 2011

Pluto - Transformation, beginnings/endings. The dark side, sex, birth and rebirth
Uranus - Science, Surprises/The unexpected and sudden  
Neptune - Illusions, boundaries, things we can't see clearly
Jupiter - Luck, success and expansion
Saturn- Laws of the universe, discipline and structure
Mercury - Intellect, travel and logic
Moon- Emotions and emotional nature
Your sun sign - Cancer
Your planetary ruler - The Moon

What the Moon represents:  The moon represents your emotions, emotional states, the past, the past versus the future, intuition, emotional and financial security and family. These areas are Cancer ruled and represent themes of your life in 2011, Cancer. You might find that these areas play a significant role in your life. There will always be a strong connection to your family, for better or for worse. Realize that security is what you crave and what you need most.

This year let's take a peek into your life and what to expect:

Pluto (Change) has been in the sign of Capricorn, your 7th House of Marriage and business partnerships since 2008 and will remain in your 7th house until 2024. You can expect to find this transit life changing, Cancer. You might make a serious commitment to one you love; you could start a new business and possibly become involved with legal affairs which will play out in a positive way.

You find the success and recognition you have been seeking during Pluto's extended stay in your opposite sign of Capricorn, Cancer. The source of this success and recognition will come both from peers and loved ones. Realize that your attitude on the subject of serious relationships will take a new direction in 2011. You will learn more about love, business and the importance of commitment, Cancer. You will find yourself involved in more intense relationships, both personal and professional. Pay attention to detail and remember that love can change just about everything and this time around, it will, Cancer.

Uranus (Surprises) enters Aries and (your 10th House of prestige) on 3/11 where it will remain until 7/9 when it retrogrades back into Pisces (Your 9th house of travel and foreign countries), then officially turns direct on October 10th, 2011 (Your 10th House of success).  Make sure you concentrate on your career during this time as surprises are on the agenda for you in 2011, Cancer.  You could receive sudden, unexpected opportunities connected to your work and some of these offers may be out of state or quite a distance from where you currently live. Uranus always brings new people into our lives. You attract unusual friendships and business dealings with people who have been extremely successful in their chosen endeavors. You may have opportunities for travel or work abroad associated with this transit. It should be an amazing and surprising time for you in your career as you make a name for yourself in 2011, Cancer.

Neptune (Secrets) has been in Aquarius since 1998. This year it enters Pisces and your 9th House of travel, foreign countries, foreign people and higher education. You might find that you are offered a career opportunity overseas or you may relocate geographically during this transit. Neptune will remain in Pisces, its natural ruler, until 2026 so be sure to expect these issues of education, foreign travel, foreign countries, relocations and people from other countries to come into your life. Realize that with Neptune you might have difficulty seeing things in their proper perspective.  You will notice that despite this, your gut feelings and intuitive nature deepens considerably. You could change your world views, become fascinated with obscure topics and be presented with opportunities to further your education.  These opportunities may include working with people from foreign countries so "go for it" even if you have some doubt. Neptune will change what isn't working into what is. It will also enlighten you on subjects in which you have previously not been well versed or interested in.  During this transit make sure that even if you feel that you do not have enough information to make a wise decision, your intuition will be spot on and you will know instinctively which direction to follow.  Being a water sign makes you naturally intuitive so this shouldn't be too hard for you this year, Cancer. You will find the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will play key roles in these areas during this long transit.

Saturn (Lessons) is in your 4th House of family and home throughout 2011. This can cause delays and restrictions when it comes to where you live and with your family.  You could also find during this time that your home life might feel less secure than it did two years ago. Saturn is a serious planet that doesn't mess around. In your 4th Home of family, you could encounter resistance or delays in your relationships with family members. These problems may involve selling your home, relocating or buying a new one.  Saturn always asks you to take the extra step, walk that extra mile and be ultra responsible in whatever area it transits. When you put Saturn in the sign of love and relationships (Libra) (Your 4th House of home and family) you will notice the need to be more aware of family and home structures that do not work and replace them with a strong foundations that do, even if this means starting over. On the flip side, any relationships you begin during this transit are likely to be intense and could lead to long term commitments. Just realize that you will be meeting resistance to all issues regarding our home and family life. You might be frustrated with the way your home and family life are progressing this year. However, you could be so occupied with your career, your view of the world and serious partnerships that it won't affect you as much as it normally would. Yes, Cancer, this could be a year of recognition and success, but your family and home life need attention and structure so be aware of events that occur within your family during this time as they will give you a clue as to what actions are needed. A male family member could need extra care and may demand more responsibility from you. You will rise to the occasion, Cancer.

Jupiter (Luck) enters Aries this year and your 10th House of status and career. Then the fun really begins for you on 6/4, when it enters Taurus until 6/12. Whenever Jupiter enters your sign, you can expect good fortune and expansion in your career and your personal life. You won't feel as restricted in these areas and you can expect excellent luck as it relates to your career and love life. The combination of Uranus and Jupiter should help your career significantly this year. Expenses will accumulate as your professional life expands. Relax and this will resolve on its own. This should be a successful, exciting and productive year where your career is concerned. You will make a name for yourself and could find your popularity soaring without much effort on your part, Cancer. Realize, though, that any unexpected changes or surprises will benefit you, Cancer. Take these in stride and go with the flow. Your career is bringing many opportunities into your life and these will involve the above mentioned areas. Expect to feel excited about the major changes in store for you. It's going to be an exciting year so get ready, Cancer, to take advantage of this lucky year. 

The Cancer Personality
You are emotional, adaptable, cautious, loving, sympathetic, protective, moody and unable to let go at times. Your first love is your family. Family comes first for Cancer followed closely by friends, associates and loves. You tend to nurture those around you and there is no sacrifice too large to endure in order to insure that you have and sustain a happy home and family life. You will go to great lengths to defend those you love and do everything in your power to makes your circle of friends happy. You can be moody, so it's very important that you retreat into your own room or place of contentment once in awhile to recharge and rest those sensitive feelings of yours.

You have the ability to rebound from difficulties more successfully than others can. You are very compassionate and you are able to talk to others and put your own problems aside to assist and aid others going through tough times. However, when you are going through those times yourself, you are instantly programmed to retreat and sulk. You might even desire to seek revenge against those who have wronged you (or you perceive to have wronged you). This is not always the case but you find that it's almost impossible to ignore what others motives are. Talk about intuition!  Just take some time when you feel the pain and suffering of others and utilize your communication skills to assist others in solving their own. You have the gift of communication, Cancer, so put it to good use for yourself and for others.  You can solve any problems with your words and famous intuition, not by hiding in your room and feeling sorry for yourself. Utilize that strong will to have things your way by not being overly sensitive and emotional. Come from a place of logic, Cancer. 

Since you are gregarious and have a great sense of humor, you are a great asset to any business, organization and your close circle of friends. You make any home a family. Yes, Cancer you are one of a kind!

Cancer in Love 2011
You are one of the most loyal, entertaining and nurturing sign to date when it comes to love, sex and intimate relationships. You will seek out a partner who understands your eccentricities and creativity. It will be mandatory that this person accepts your emotional, intuitive and gregarious nature. Because of your intensity, you can be seen as domineering, possessive and can be misunderstood. Those closest to you understand you and love you regardless. It's not the worst thing in the world to be intuitive to the point of being psychic or is it, Cancer? Either way, you can be transformed by love and the right lover will stand by your side with an open mind and an understanding heart. The signs of Virgo and Pisces will always make you feel secure. You will be most attracted to a partner who is stable, responsive and understanding of your sensitivities. You can turn your love life around in 2011. In fact, if single you may become attached and starting a family this year may be in the cards for Cancer this year. Tone down those emotions and let things flow for best results. Either a new love or the strengthening of an existing love will play a part in 2011. It's going to be a Happy New Year. You and a mate will make each others lives richer and happier. Your friends will celebrate your love success in 2011.

Cancer Luck in 2011
Your lucky colors are Violet and shades of purple
Your lucky month in 2011:  May
Your lucky stone in 2011:  Moonstone
Lucky Numbers in 2011:  2, 3 & 7
Cancer Secrets
Biggest secret: Relatives can cause deep upsets. Your health is connected to your emotional state. You could have issues connected with food and diet. You fear that your partner feels alone as you question if you can ever measure up.


Written & Edited By: Elizabeth Ellis
Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved!