Cancer Yearly Forecast for 2012

The past couple of years have seemed like a whirlwind at times, but 2012 is year to stand strong and have faith and confidence in yourself. You will be rewarded with optimism and a strong secure foundation for your future which is exactly what you want, Cancer. This is a year of new beginnings, serious commitments and the promise of a bright future. Security is very important to your sign more than any other, Cancer. With Pluto in your 7th House, the issues of marriage, divorce, the law, open enemies and serious business top your personal agenda. You will follow your heart and can set out to finally achieve what has seemed elusive or just out of reach in 2012, so start getting excited and enthusiastic!

You could feel torn between the past and the present. This is a year to take big chances when your intuition is screaming at you to go in this direction. Whatever this involves, you are also dealing with some unexpected surprises, some expansion and new developments where your friendships, any groups to which you belong and even ex lovers can be part of this scene. You have luck and can choose to strengthen these relationships under Jupiter in your 11th House of Taurus. Saturn begins the year in Libra and your 4th House. This could bring about tension surrounding where you live. You might move, face restrictions with members of your family or feel the weight of the world where your home and family life are concerned. The key to combat these energies is to step up to the plate and work twice as hard to make sure all foundations are solid. Make sense? You already feel restricted and overworked where your health, daily routines and daily life are concerned. These areas just need extra attention. You are so nurturing that all you really need to do is show up, tone down any emotional displays and treat those you have issues with as you would like to be treated, even though you might want to slap them across the face. Whenever you encounter these types of personalities, your best bet is to practice the art of kindness. Where love is involved, you could meet someone new if single and if married, make some big changes. Newly divorced Cancer could meet the love of his or her life so make no mistake, love is in the cards and the way you view it is slowly but surely transforming.

Once Saturn enters Scorpio in October, you will be testing the waters in romance. Things really become more committed between you and someone special then. You could move in, get married or even start a family. Career wise, Uranus has entered Aries and your 10th House of prestige and reputation. This forms a not so beneficial angle to your sign until 2019. So if unexpected issues arise or you decide to quit or get fired from your job, follow that intuition you are blessed with. Something you do creatively could bring about income, especially during Saturn in Scorpio. If you lose something or someone, rest assured it is for something or someone better and deep down you know it. Don't shy away from following that sensitive caring heart of yours. Jupiter will enter Gemini and your 12th House in June and forms a great angle to your daily life causing a merge, change of income or an unexpected sum of money coming your way. The signs of Aries and Libra can play intense and personal roles in your life throughout 2012. It's a year of greater responsibility in every area of your life and with that responsibility also comes a solid secure love.