Leo Yearly Forecast

Leo in 2011
Pluto - Transformation, beginnings/endings. The dark side, sex, birth and rebirth
Uranus - Science, surprises/The unexpected and sudden  
Neptune - Illusions, boundaries and things we can't see clearly
Jupiter - Luck, success and expansion
Saturn- Laws of the universe, discipline and responsibility
Mercury - Intellect, travel and logic
Moon- Emotions and emotional nature
Leo - Your sun sign
The Sun - Your planetary ruler
What The Sun represents: Self-expression, children, creative capabilities, ego and individuality. These areas will play important roles in your life this year, Leo. Learn to get some balance when it comes to these areas to maximize your potential for having the life you want, Leo!
This year let's take a peek into your life and what to expect:

Pluto (Change) has been in the sign of Capricorn, Your 6th House of hard work and maintenance since 2008 where it remains there until 2024. You might have ended one chapter of your life to start another; you may have lost a parent, lost a business associate or someone with whom you worked closely. Other possibilities: You made money and then spent it all, you had an increase or decrease in your income or a partner was economically affected. Pluto enters the picture and turns everything inside out to transform that area of your life which will change from its very structure/foundation to make room for a completely new and improved one that works more efficiently for you.  The subjects of repair and maintenance, your health and even pets fall under the 6th House. While you might find this initially daunting, look back at your life since 2009 to give you an idea of how this long transit that opposes your Sun sign will last. Realize that despite any obstacles, you have what it takes and will overcome whatever you encounter. The results, Leo: success, rewards for a job well done and the ability to finally find a daily routine that will make your life easier to handle.  Money and your daily routines will be foremost on your mind and you will find yourself altering the way you view your relationship to money. Pluto's visit to your 6th House will clarify how these two areas intertwine and affect the way you live your daily life.  2011 will prove to be enlightening for you, Leo.

Uranus (Surprises) enters Aries and (your 9th House of Travel) on 3/11 where it will remain until 7/9 when it retrogrades back into Pisces(Your 8th House of power), then officially turns direct on October 10th, 2011 for a permanent stay in your 9th House. Make sure you pay attention to events happening at a distance, in a foreign country or out of state. There could be surprises/moves and events related to distant people and places. When Uranus enters your 9th House of travel, you can expect major changes related to sudden or unexpected travel, education, foreign people and places. These opportunities may present out of the blue or may have been on the horizon for awhile. Spirituality, foreign people and places, and higher education are seen as major themes in your daily life. Don't be taken aback by any of these events and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in any of the above areas. The signs of Aries and Libra will play roles in these matters. You will find these signs to be accommodating and helpful.

Neptune (Secrets) has been in Aquarius (7th House) since 1998. This year it enters Pisces and your 8th House of power and sex where it will remain until 2026. Prepare for secrets to emerge regarding all 8th House matters. This could become apparent in any number of ways. You could take a sudden interest in esoteric topics such as life after death, reincarnation, metaphysics and matters possibly considered by some to be "X rated" or at least controversial. You could also be drawn towards the bizarre, the unusual and other topics you previously had little or no interest in. 2011 will bring these new interests to light in a variety of ways. Expect the signs of Taurus and Scorpio to play major roles. Watch issues such as insurance, taxes, wills and inheritance. The theme of secrets will be pervasive in all areas of your life and some of these secrets may shock and stun you. There could also be important contracts signed and legal affairs that will come to your attention via secretive ways.Watch and be prepared, Leo.

Saturn (Lessons) is in your 3rd House of communications, short distance travel and siblings and home throughout 2011. This is a stern planet that needs to be taken very seriously. In your 3rd House of short distance travel and communications, you might find delays and restrictions in your communication with friends, associates or neighbors. Saturn requires you to put extreme efforts into whatever area it transits in your chart. When you put Saturn in the sign of love and relationships (Libra) (Your 3rd House) you will notice the need to be more aware of all facets when dealing with relationships, siblings, contracts or short trips.  Delays, frustrations and restrictions are likely. This provokes you to make changes in areas that are not working and creating stronger foundations, even if this means starting over in some cases. Any relationships you begin during this transit are likely to be serious and could lead to commitments. This year is all about success, beginnings and endings as well as recognition. Tone down that ego/pride and realize that your old ways of doing things are no longer working, Leo. You will need to seek new and improved structures and show discipline and new ways of relating to others in all 3rd House areas mentioned above.  The Lion can do it.

Jupiter (Luck) enters Aries this year and your 9th House of Travel and Spirituality. Then the fun really begins for you on 6/4, when it enters Taurus and your 10th House of prestige until 6/12. Whenever Jupiter enters your 10th House, you can expect good fortune and expansion in your career status and your professional life. You won't feel as restricted in these areas and you can expect excellent luck and opportunities for advancement and progress. You could find help from employees and authority figures, so make sure you use the summer as a time to further develop your career. Realize that you have an entire year of luck and potential growth in these areas. Don't let it go to waste, Leo. You will find good fortune without much effort on your part.
A Profile on Leo 
You were born to show off your sex appeal. You are the center of the universe when it comes to love relationships. You need lots of affection, applause and recognition in order to be a happy lion. Without gratification or feedback, you could begin to pull away from your special someone. Realize, Leo, that love is not going to be as easy for you as it used to be. With so many planets changing motion, you might have to work twice as hard and still not get exactly what you want when it comes to love. The secret is to be understanding and genuinely concerned for the welfare of those you care about, then you will, in return, receive the love you are craving, but it will take work and you will notice that this is one area in particular that is due for some major changes. Beginnings and endings are all around the Leo in 2011. Realize that you create your own luck, Leo, but make sure you take the time to listen to other people and be empathetic to what they are experiencing. Just admit already, Leo....you love the drama. So whenever you are in front of a crowd, utilize this quality but make sure to temper it with a sense of humbleness at all times. You can be similar to a force of nature when you are around people or in front of a crowd. This asset can help you navigate through any professional, love or other changes that are coming your way in 2011. This year promises excitement for the Leo who craves unpredictability, excitement, adventure and career changes. These are all on the Lion's agenda. You could leave your career behind this year to look for a more fulfilling position or you even possibly may move to another location as you find yourself reflecting on how much your life has changed. You find yourself contemplating the future, Leo, and it is looking good!

Positivie Traits: generous, warmhearted, creative, enthusiastic, broadminded, expansive and loving

Negative Traits: pompous, patronizing, selfish, bossy, interfering, dogmatic, intolerant and reckless

Leo's charisma and innate ability to lead guarantees they will always be center stage. The spotlight is a natural where they need to be seen. Leo is full of warmth and optimisim and it is impossible not to find their company entertaining. Fearless and dignified by nature, Leos make great leaders. The force of their nature guarantees any task they tackle will be completed.

While they may seem domineering, even arrogant at times, the goal of Leo is (always) to ensure the well being of all those in their close circle. Incredibly confident Leo is also creative, idelistic and possesses a passionate lust for life. When leadership is called for, Leo will come running. They can get the job done with finesse. Leo also has a talent for bringing the very best out in those around them. They can also bring out the worst in those around them should they trespass on someones private or public life.

Warmhearted Leos live for fun and tend to go out of their way to make sure those around them are having a blast, too! Leo loved games of chance, taking risks and playing games of any kinds. They are risk takers and will plunge into new ventures on impulse, confident their talents will ensure success. Strong and honorable, optimistic and fun, few will find the Leo charm easy to resist.

The Leo In Love 2011:

When in love, Leo's love of adventure brings out the romantic in them. They are known as faithful lovers with a passion that may seem intoxicating! Leo may not always be willing to be flexible as they have a strong need to be in control and like to be the leader initiator in everything they pursue. They can be hesitant to do anything that did not originate from their own fantasies. A love interest or potential love interest of  Leo should slowly introduce new methods of expressing love to to their relationship with the Lion. Once Leo realizes the excitement and passion extended to them, the Lion will proceed with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Leo sometimes clings to toxic relationships because their egos will not allow them to admit they may have made a mistake. Big mistake, Leo! One of your biggest lessons in love will come from admitting your wrongs and apologizing to those who you may have trespassed upon, emotionally or in matters or love. Being naturally tenacious and forever optimistic, it is impossible for Leo to see any problems as insurmountable. This is where problems can arise with love interests or potential love interests.

Overall, the Leo will prove to be an exciting and confident mate. Their love of children makes them a naturally good parent. They are generous, warm and truly want the best for everyone, as long as it doesn't interfere with their plans for themselves. Their loyalty and sense of honor makes it unlikely they will be indiscreet. The signs of Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio will play mysterious roles in Leo's love life in 2011 as they assist you in ways you might not even be aware of, Leo.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 8 & 9
Your lucky color is: Gold
Your lucky month: April
Your lucky stone: Ruby

Deepest secret: You don't always know what you want, Leo. You fear that your education was cut short and that you secretly lack the basic fundamentals of knowledge. You worry that others will judge you unfairly if they knew you felt this way.


Written & Edited By: Elizabeth Ellis
Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved!