The Horse

1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 & 2014

The sign of happiness in the Chinese zodiac, the Horse needs to be free and independent. Skilled naturally in public speaking and conversation, the Horse has a strong yet secret desire to fit in. You're a fast talker and quite the charmer. You follow your heart and inspire others to do the same. You talk big, think big and feel most comfortable in exclusive social  settings. You're a huge flirt and you will tend to have many sexual and love relationships before you finally settle down. You can fall in love on Monday and be in love with somebody else on Friday. You are fickle and meticulous in your love and sexual relationships. 

Always in and out of love, long-term relationships are a foreign concept to you. You desire variety and may be too much of a playboy/playgirl to ever really have a long relationship or marriage. You like to indulge yourself with the very best and others will be envious of your free-spirited life style. Though you are a romantic at heart, you are constantly changing your mind and can quickly lose interest. This is where sex and love get confusing.

Western Zodiac Sign: Leo 
Motto: " I control" 
Birthstone: Topaz 
Metal: Silver 
Tree: White Birch 
Flower: Narcissus 
Herb: Parsley 
Color: Ebony 
Most compatible with: The Tiger, Sheep & Dog 
Least compatible with: The Rat, Ox & Rabbit 
Lucky Number: 8