The Sheep

1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 & 2015      

The Sheep is considered very lucky and blessed spiritually. The Sheep symbolizes prosperity and comfort in Chinese culture and history. The Sheep is the peaceful artist, the poet and the diplomat. The Sheep can’t live without love and needs constant affection in love. You are an ideal lover because you indulge your partners every fantasy and remain 100% faithful to those you cherish. You have a sensitive side and anxiety can creep in when you experience romantic doubts. Don't let this tendency cause interference in your love life because it can only lead to disappointment in your quest for an honest, tender and true soulmate. You demand that your lovers provide you with unwavering support and total devotion. Occasional time spent alone will benefit you and helps keep you emotionally balanced.

The mere thought of an office job terrifies you. You prefer idle time and deep down you secretly want to be taken care of, emotionally and financially. Your perseverance and natural charm are endearing to the opposite sex. Members of the opposite sex consider (You) the Sheep to be very sexy

Western Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
Motto: " I depend" 
Birthstone: Sapphire 
Metal: Aluminum 
Tree: Dogwood 
Flower: Narcissus 
Herb: Mint 
Color: Light green 
Most compatible with: The Horse, Rabbit & Pig 
Least compatible with: The Ox, Rat &  Dog 
Lucky Number: 12