The Monkey

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 & 2016

The Monkey is very charismatic and is considered to be the cutest and the most clever animal in Chinese culture and history. Monkeys are intelligent, adventurous and thought to be the biggest party animals. Persons born under the Monkey can expect to be famous at some point in their life. Happiest when in the public eye, charming beyond words, Monkeys love to entertain and will constantly surprise their closest friends and family members. A happy pessimist, Monkeys are quite adaptable and desire affection and attention at all times. Monkeys are also very concerned with their physical appearance. They will take great pride in their clothes and tend to be very well groomed. Female monkeys will tend to be obsessed with their hair. They will always find a way to pursue pleasure come hell or high water. They need to be aware that arrogance on their part will interfere with their ultimate success. 

Monkeys are famous for being able to outwit, outsmart and outlast their biggest enemies and opponents. And they can and will do this effortlessly and quite easily.  

The Monkeys curiosity about everything sometimes results in revolving doors with regard to their romantic relationships. Gifted at the art of seduction, Monkeys can break hearts without guilt. In Love: You can expect to share many laughs, amazing experiences and powerful memories with a Monkey. When they find a lover they are happy with, they idolize, adore and remain loyal forever. No Monkey business here!

Western Zodiac Sign: Gemini 
Motto: " I entertain" 
Birthstone: Tiger-eye 
Metal: Gold 
Tree: Sycamore 
Flower: Dandelion 
Herb: Thyme 
Color: Yellow 
Most compatible with: The Rat & Dragon 
Least compatible with: The Snake, Tiger & Pig 
Lucky Number: 10