Gemini 2013 Yearly Forecast/Horoscope

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball

As 2013 begins, the Sun transits your 8th House of deeply committed relationships, power and issues like taxes, insurance and mortgages. Money and mystery will be involved in your life (In January) more so than normal, Gemini. You can expect a versatile year with new faces and new personalities entering your life courtesy of Jupiter, Gemini.

It will be an exciting year where money is involved, as Jupiter (Luck/Prosperity) transits your sign until the end of June.  All Gemini will make radical changes in their lives this year, no matter if they are single or coupled. Relationships and friendships that have outlived their purpose will continue to fall by the wayside as new people enter your life and turn it upside down and inside out. Your overall life will continue to expand, and you experience luck and attract new relationships which in turn bring you more money and a strong sense of security, personally and professionally. Others will find you mysterious, loaded with sex appeal and desirable with Pluto in your 8th House and Jupiter in your sign. Your best times for love are when Venus travels through your sign or travels through another air sign such as Libra or Aquarius. For you, Gemini, the times listed below are excellent for love and serious relationships in 2013:
2/2 - 2/25: Venus in Aquarius

5/9 - 6/2: Venus in Gemini

8/16 - 9/11: Venus in Libra
Pluto (slow but powerful change) continues its transit of your 8th House of sex, taxes and personal transformation. Pluto represents rebuilding after the storm. You might need to end one relationship so that another one can begin. You also will transform when it comes to any or all properties of the 8th House. This is the planet that will ask that you reconsider the areas of sex, death and taxes. It also rules the money of others, your own money and money you share with another. Pluto comes in to tear down your previous way of doing things and rebuilding on a brand new level. You will notice major transformations occurring where your ideas on these subjects are involved.

Saturn (Lessons/Structures) remains in your 6th House of health, diet and daily routine. Those Gemini who have perfected the art of balanced nutrition will benefit most with Saturn in their 6th House. You may feel additionally burdened with your daily routines or feel that longer hours are expected of you. This transit can be uncomfortable for those Gemini who have been taking their health or personal wellness for granted. Make sure you get rest and adequate exercise during this transit, watch your diet and kick a bad habit, if you have one. Your health comes under the magnifying glass during this transit and so do your daily routines and your daily career life. You feel as though life is all work and you could get fed up with your current job/work and seek a new and improved one. It will all depend on the structures you have built regarding your career in the past, Gemini. Saturn comes to teach you lessons where lessons are needed, badly. Those Gemini who have learned the lessons which have confronted them will benefit in these areas and continue to impress others with their bodies, personal health and where daily life and work are involved. Gemini could prosper in their career during this transit as well as in their continued good health and wellness. It's all about your past and what you have achieved up to this point.

Uranus continues its visit of Aries and your 11th House of friends and your hopes and wishes. You should have an idea of how this transit affects your friendships, as this planet has been in your friendship sector for the past two years and you have witnessed the unpredictability and suddenness of this planet. Luckily, this transit forms a compatible angle to your Sun sign so you can expect new friends to enter your life and new experiences where your hopes and wishes are involved. Uranus wants to get you out of a rut, Gemini. It will step in and demand that you change your course of action where you have been complacent. Expect your relationships with friends, your hopes/wishes and even an ex love to bring you surprises and things you never saw coming.

Jupiter (Prosperity/Expansion) begins the year in your 1st House and by summer enters your 2nd House of finances, income and financial resources. Gemini worried about his or her finances in 2012 and can find 2013 to feel like a welcome relief when it comes to covering their basic expenses. One way or another, money will seem to come to Gemini when they need it most. Take advantage of Jupiter by saving some money, if possible. It's a year of surprise, the unexpected and public recognition for all Geminis, single and coupled.   

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