Taurus 2013 Yearly Forecast/Horoscope

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball

As 2013 begins, the Sun transits your 9th House of overseas travel, people in foreign lands, and your worldviews and spirituality will be highlighted. You will begin 2013 in touch with your spiritual side, Taurus.

Saturn (Lessons/Structures) is in your 7th House of marriage which brings about the ability to create a solid structure or a sound foundation where one is needed, personally and professionally. Coupled Taurus could be adjusting to a recent change and welcome the intensity of Saturn in Scorpio into their love life. Single Taurus will feel a sense of destiny with a romantic partner during this transit. Any newcomers met during this time will feel as if they are destined to meet and a strong connection will be immediately evident. New attractions make it to the next level during 2013. Couples learn lessons in communications and keep solid structures in order to make the most of their relationship. Those couples who have been together for ages find this time to feel as though they are rediscovering one another. Marriage and commitment will be taken very seriously with Saturn in Scorpio, single or coupled. Special to Taurus: Possessiveness backfires this year and your ideal times for love will be whenever Venus transits Taurus or is in another compatible earth element. These dates are listed below:

4/15 - 5/9 - Venus in Taurus

7/22 - 8/16 - Venus in Virgo

11/5 - 12/21 - Venus in Capricorn

Single or coupled, this is a year of unexpected gains for Taurus both on a personal and professional level. These gains apply to your finances but also impacts your romantic life as well. You exert personal power over others in 2013, so treat everyone with care, consideration and compassion. This approach will get (you) Taurus, single or coupled, your way in romance. 2013 promises to bring a stronger sense of closeness in a relationship, but there is bound to be some drama, arguments and intensity along the way. Taurus actually enjoys the intensity of Scorpio, so these occurrences will challenge Taurus and Taurus loves a good challenge.

Pluto (slow but powerful change) continues its transit of your 9th House, where it has been since 2008. During this time, you become interested in publishing, overseas travel and people from distant lands and higher education. You could move, explore a foreign country or decide to change your spiritual views slowly but surely. Higher learning will also play a major role in your life throughout 2013 and into next year. Pluto will ask that you start over when it comes to all properties of the 9th House. You transform in these parts of your life, for better or for worse. It's all about rebirth and new experiences in these areas in 2013, Taurus.

Neptune continues its visit to your 11th House of Pisces. The 11th House is your house of friends, your hopes and wishes. Neptune represents that which you're not seeing clearly or seems foggy or vague, Taurus. Make sure you see things as they are when it comes to any of these areas, not how you expect them or hope for them to be. In other words, you need to confront and face any issues which come to light in the properties of the 11th House.

Uranus (Surprises) in Aries (your 12th House) can bring about some unexpected events and occurrences in your life. Uranus in your 12th House can wake you up where you might have been sleeping. Uranus represents helping you get out of a rut, fast. Expect to hear about secrets of others, so make sure to keep your friends close and your enemies closer in 2013. There could be some so called friends that turn out to surprise you with their actions. Be on guard and listen to your intuition during this lengthy visit. It's not that you can't trust your friends, it just might be a better idea to adhere to the adage "better safe than sorry" when this applies to your own secrets, the secrets of someone else and issues from the past that you might have buried. People will be talking in 2013 and the very last thing you hoped would never occur, does. It's time to face your fears and accept/own who you are and take responsibility for those decisions you have made in the past. You learn in 2013 whether or not you took the ideal road.    

Jupiter (Prosperity/Expansion) is in Gemini and your 2nd House of finances, assets and income as 2013 opens. Take advantage of the first six months of 2013 in regards to saving some of your income, if possible. You will have luck via extra money when you least expect it and, in general, more available money in your pocket to spend as you wish. Your life expands where money, personal possessions and how you earn a living come into play under Jupiter's influence. On June 25th, the planet of prosperity enters Cancer and your 3rd House of self-expression and expert communications. This transit begins in late June and lasts for a year. You can expect to shine in areas relating to any form of self expression. Art, writing, music, photography, dance or anything you're passionate about will come into strong focus and your ability to express yourself in these areas will be unmatched and unprecedented. It's looking like a stable year for Taurus with much to celebrate and a bit of everything to keep Taurus satisfied.   

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