Sagittarius 2013 Yearly Forecast/Horoscope


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As the year opens, the Sun transits your 2nd House of finances and personal possessions. You can expect January to be a time when you are feeling fortunate and grateful for what you do have and financially be feeling more secure. 
Pluto (Transformation/slow but powerful change) has been in your 2nd House of money, finance and personal possessions since 2008. By now, most Sagittarius have adjusted to this small but powerful planet in their 2nd House of income. You could have been laid off from a job, began a new professional endeavor or made tremendous transformations in your financial life. Pluto demands that your views about money change on some level so that you learn something valuable about having money: not having enough or having too much and this will TRANSFORM how you view money, Sagittarius. This transit creates headaches and heartaches, but one thing remains certain. You will find that money and the way you see money and spend it needs to be rebuilt and rethought from the ground up. Those Sagittarius who resist professional or financial changes thrust upon them suddenly will need to get used to unexpected and unforeseen changes in their career. The more you accept what can't be changed, the happier you will be. Your personal finances are due to transform during this long and lengthy transit, Sagittarius. The purpose of Pluto is to tear down in order to rebuild. You tend to be impatient, so the best way to navigate through this time is to learn patience and practice your spiritual views, whatever they might be for you, Sagittarius. Have faith that whatever transpires with money matters does so for a good reason.    
Neptune (What is hidden) transits Pisces and your 4th House of home, family, the past and motherhood. You could find the secrets of others come to your attention this time or your personal secrets could somehow be leaked regarding these areas. Neptune rules what is hidden and you might not see clearly how this area of your life is playing out in 2013, Sagittarius. You might slowly review these areas in your life but it will occur randomly. You will learn who you can trust when it comes to your home life, romantic partner, issues from the past and areas related to motherhood. This might be a good time to make sure you ask questions, make sure you trust who you live with, (even relatives) as this can be a planet of deception and trickery, Sagittarius. You might not see things how they really are and prefer to live in a fog of how you see your life, not how others close to you do.

Uranus (Surprises) continues its visit of your 5th House of passion, love, children, pets and creative ventures and risk taking. You could find that an element of the unexpected and what you never saw coming is slowly but surely making its way into your life. This is not referred to as the planet of shock for nothing, Sagittarius. In your 5th House, you can expect to be surprised in areas such as love, children and creative projects. Expect the surprises in these areas to appear suddenly and intensely. This transit will be exciting for your love life, Sagittarius.    

Saturn (Lessons/Structures) continues its transit of your 12th House of isolation, secrets and the past.  Your mind will be on issues past and how you made decisions and where these decisions have brought you today. It is never a bad idea to engage in therapy during this time, as you learn lessons about confronting your fears, owning your issues and confronting your shadow side.  You need to pay careful attention to secrets throughout Saturn in Scorpio. It's never a bad idea to examine your behavior to see how others perceive you as opposed to keeping your head in the sand and thinking you have all the answers. Saturn in Scorpio will also ask you if you have learned lessons that you need to learn when it comes to the life you keep secret from others, Sagittarius. This planet is sometimes referred to as the "father of time." During this transit of your most intimate and private house, you can make money via happenings behind the scenes or you can work hard and still not get credit for worked performed. It's all about your past leading up until now.    
Jupiter (Prosperity/Expansion) transits the compatible sign of Gemini and your 7th House of communication, neighbors and siblings until June 25th. You notice movement, luck and expansion through your serious relationships, personal and professional. You have luck with legal outcomes. You will be more optimistic about the BIG relationships in your life and good fortune is in the cards for all Sagittarians, single or coupled, during this transit. In June, Jupiter enters your 8th House of power, taxes and deeply committed relationships. Expect the emphasis on good fortune to enter via other people's money, your own money and your sex life. This will be a time of great expansion and in a positive way, Sagittarius. Jupiter is considered a fortunate planet in Astrology and it is believed to bring about luck and good fortune in your life. In your 8th House of Cancer you find deeply committed relationships to be more fulfilling and joyful than you have in ages, Sagittarius.  
 Your best times for love in 2013 are when Venus transits your sign or transits a compatible fire element of your sign. Below are your best times for love in 2013, Sagittarius:
3/21 - 4/15: Venus in Aries
6/27 - 7/22: Venus in Leo
10/7 - 11/5: Venus in Sagittarius
It's a year of serious examination where you determine what needs to be done in your career life and how you plan to go about it, Sagittarius. Your health will also play a bigger role than usual in 2013. Pay serious attention to all properties of the 6th House throughout 2013 for ideal results, Sagittarius. Be diligent, meticulous and thorough when dealing with your daily work, your health and your diet, nutrition and health regimens.   
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