Scorpio 2013 Yearly Forecast/Horoscope

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball

As the year opens, the Sun transits your 3rd House of communication/self-expression and transportation issues. These areas will play a major role in your life this year and throughout January, Scorpio. The big news is that Saturn will be in your 1st House throughout 2013. This is the planet of structure and lessons that need to be learned, sometimes the hard way, Scorpio. During this transit you might feel tired, overwhelmed with obligations and find that your energy levels are not as up to par as they normally are. The best way to navigate Saturn in your 1st House is to get plenty of rest, relaxation and make it a priority when you're not working diligently or working hard is what this transit is about, Scorpio. Those Scorpios who have put in the effort and built solid foundations can find Saturn in their sign a time when past deeds catch up to them, for better or for worse. In other words, those of you who have played by the rules as opposed to taking short cuts or those who have been living on easy street are due for a major wake up call. Alternatively, those Scorpios who have played by the rules can expect great rewards from a job well done, personally and professionally. This is an excellent year to get married or have a child, Scorpio. You see how fair you have been with others and will be rewarded for efforts where efforts have been consistent, honest and sincere. This is also a time when you must pay closer attention to your parents, as one of them, especially your father, could be dealing with health issues or changes in their lifestyles, and one your parent(s) may need your help and assistance in some way. One thing is certain in 2013, Scorpio. With Saturn in your sign, you can expect your life to be more public in some way. Control your emotional responses to injustices but at the same time, don't conceal them either. Take a clue from Libra and practice the art of diplomacy for ideal results. Women in particular can be helpful for you or can interfere with your personal and professional affairs. Knowledge is power, Scorpio. Make sure you know who you are dealing with. Some relationships and friendships might not survive during this time, but know that whatever relationships do fall by the wayside are meant for a good reason. Relationships change dramatically during this powerful time. Whatever occurs will be best for you and is designed to teach you what needs to be learned, like it or not, Scorpio. You typically resist change but you are learning slowly but surely that sometimes change is necessary. Without change, there is no growth.  
Pluto (Transformation/slow but powerful change) has been in your 3rd House of communications, siblings and neighbors since 2008. By now, most Scorpios have adjusted to their ruling planet (Pluto) of transformation in their 3rd House of personal expression/communications. Self-expression, how you communicate with others, siblings, neighbors and relatives are areas that are transforming or changing slowly but surely. Issues regarding transportation are also up for a review, Scorpio. The goal of your ruling planet is to tear down in order to rebuild. 2013 marks a significant turning point in your life this year, Scorpio. There could be an intensity to the way you express yourself that can be refreshing for some or possibly too intense and not so great for others. You are the sign of extremes after all. This transit sparks your curiosity and brings about an ability to speak, create and write effectively. You will be more interested in travel, you could change your home/move and your curiosity about life will lead you to new experiences and new forms of self-expression. This is a long transit so you will find/notice yourself drawn to fields where self expression is or can be turned into an actual job/profession. Writing, public speaking, acting, dance, art and any other form of self expression appeals strongly to all Scorpios during this transit. Ignore the naysayers, Scorpio. There will be some who even try to interfere in your life, privately and publicly. Realize that what we think creates our reality so people who want to hurt you should be left to their own devices and ignored outright. Who has time to waste in these busy times and new world we live in anyway?      
Neptune (What is hidden/Spirituality) transits Pisces and your 5th House of love, passion, children and risk taking. This transit opens your eyes to the things you might have kept buried for years in your love life in a way that even surprises you, Scorpio. You could find that new loves are entering the picture but you must be CERTAIN they are trustworthy. Neptune represents what is hidden and also rules spirituality on a deep and profound level. The flip side to Neptune is that a love relationship could not be what you think it is and bring some heartache, although it might take some time to see this. It is also possible that you could be subjected to trickery and fraud through romantic partners, so remain alert. Neptune is in its natural ruler of Pisces in 2013. This can work to your advantage when in a water sign, as it bestows upon you additional foresight to know when others are not being 100% truthful with you, Scorpio. Pay CLOSE attention to your intuition this year, especially when it comes to any newcomers you have not known a very long time, and be alert when it comes to your children, your creative projects, taking risks and love. It is always a good motto for Scorpio to be safe rather than sorry. This is not to say that someone is betraying you or that a romantic interest may have ulterior motives.  It's just an excellent idea to ask questions, listen to what is said and avoid people who lack empathy. You will know who these people are, if you don't already, Scorpio. Neptune also rules fiction and escapism. In your 5th House, put the two together and use your best judgement, Scorpio. Enough said!    

Uranus (Surprises) continues its visit of your 6th House of health and daily work routines. You can expect the unexpected when it comes to your daily work and your health, Scorpio. Anything is possible during this time. You could end one job suddenly, begin a new one or find that issues surrounding your health come to your immediate or sudden attention. Don't make too many promises during this time as you might not have the wherewithal to complete important daily tasks or fulfill your promises. You will attempt to streamline this area of your life but unexpected circumstances could occur and change this, overnight. Realize that Uranus represents things you never saw coming, so if something occurs with your health or your career, the best way to navigate through this is with a "whatever will be will be" attitude. This is a planet that wants to shake you out of a rut.  If you have been in a comfortable rut far too long and gotten way too comfortable, you will be made aware of this via sudden occurrences via health and your daily job throughout 2013, Scorpio.
Jupiter (Prosperity/Expansion) transits Gemini and your 8th House until June 25th, 2013. You notice movement, luck, optimism and expansion in all properties of the 8th House. Sex, money and taxes will be important areas and will be highlighted, as will the money of others and deeply committed relationships. A note about Jupiter, Scorpio. This planet can create an OVER abundance of optimism and this could be dangerous if you refuse to use common sense. You don't want to expect anything or you could end up disappointed in these areas. You're due for a more comfortable life when dealing with these areas but you need to utilize a sense of going with the flow and erasing any hint of excessiveness in any of the 8th House areas and that involves sex, Scorpio. In June, Jupiter enters your 9th House of overseas travel, people in foreign lands, higher education and your spiritual views. Jupiter in Cancer will have a positive impact on you. July will be a stand out month for Scorpios, personally, and August will be your best month for professional matters.   

Your best times for love is whenever Venus travels in Scorpio or a compatible water sign element. The following is a list of your best times for love in 2013, Scorpio.
2/25 - 3/21 Venus in Pisces
6/2 - 6/27 Venus in Cancer
9/11 - 10/7 Venus in Scorpio
2013 shapes up a be a BIG year where your individuality stands out, your life grows and expands while you learn valuable lessons about the best path for you to forge through in 2013, personally and professionally. 
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