Leo Yearly Forecast for 2012


The word "new" sums up your life in 2012. Expect a completely new beginning as you encounter situations, people and events that propel you to make solid and secure plans for the future. 2012 is a new year for everyone and you, more than most, will get to experience a strong sense of wanting to renew, refresh and possibly change certain important areas of your life. With Pluto in Capricorn, you should have an idea by now how this powerful planet works. Your 6th House areas of daily routines, health and personal wellness should have already begun to undergo transformation on some level. Big news, Leo. Neptune (planet of illusion) prepares to exit your 7th House where it has remained since 2003 and enters your 8th House where your power and artistic talents can soar beyond your wildest dreams. The Sun forms a challenging angle and can have you jumping into relationships, agendas and friendships that you might not be seeing clearly. It's not that you're meeting bad/horrible people; it's just that you might get overconfident and this is when and where problems will arise. The 8th House is a House of power, control and personal transformation. Neptune is about imagination, what you can't see clearly and illusion. Your life as it relates to the properties of the 8th House will expand and your views in these areas will change. Areas such as sex, death, rebirth and taxes play roles in addition to many other areas. You might feel drawn to areas such as personal transformation, power, odd hobbies and deeply committed relationships, past and present. You could meet people you feel destined to be in your life. You suddenly gain an interest in topics considered taboo. 

Possessions you may share with others can undergo radical changes and strange transformations. The 8th House can stump everyone occasionally. It rules so many odd areas and yet it can be either a blessing or a curse. It's up to you to follow how you feel during this transit and know that knowledge is power when it comes to forewarned is forearmed. One thing is certain: You will have a more clear and concise plan of action for your career and will make every effort to make your wishes realities. Warning Leo: Once Saturn enters Scorpio and your 4th House in October, you might not feel as secure because Scorpio is a water sign whereas Libra is an air sign and much more compatible with your fire element. Make sure you have put your hopes and plans into action because after October you might not feel as confident or assured as you will during the first 3/4 of 2012.

Saturn is in your 3rd House of relatives, communications and short trips. These areas could experience some delays but this transit won't impact you as much as it will some other signs. Whatever occurs will dissolve itself and once Saturn enters Scorpio, where you live and who you live with will be a big topic of concern. Pay extra close attention to family members, siblings and relatives. And while taking short trips, remain alert and don't speed, Leo. You could attract tickets with this transit.

Uranus, planet of surprise and life changing occurrences enters Aries and your 9th House of religion, overseas places/people and perhaps drastic life changes for you.

Luckily, Uranus forms a beneficial angle to your Sun, so events will be fast paced and out of the blue. You might find travel to be on the agenda this year.

The best part of your year will begin in summer when Jupiter enters Gemini. You have the potential of expansion and luck where friends, groups and your job are concerned. You could meet the love of your life through friends or find that new loves, friends and groups to which you affiliate yourself with will prove to be the best part of your year. If there are relationships that have outlived their purpose, you will instinctively know this and end these associations once and for all. By the time December arrives, you won't even recognize the life you were living a year ago. Relax, Leo. For the first part of 2012, Jupiter will bring you prosperity in your professional life and the rewards might astound you. You will feel more in control of finances after some scares you had to deal with recently. Then when Jupiter enters your 11th House, it only gets better. You will have a ton of responsibility but Leo can't live without love. In fact, Leo without love in his or her life is a very sad lion. Be patient, Leo. Love does await you! This could be a year of significant growth for all Leos, single or coupled. You might need to assume a responsible role that requires leadership and a ton of commitment but you will not only meet the challenge, you will look gorgeous while going about it. Your star quality will really come out in February.

Another Leo and Aquarius will play strong roles as you adjust to the changing times together. You will learn patience, tolerance and forgiveness with the assistance of both of these signs during this life changing standout year, Leo.